Mapa fisiologico del cuerpo humano (human physiology map)

  • 2004
  • Concept
A map of human physiology from the book "Bases fisiológicas de la práctica médica", from Best & Taylor (Editorial Médica Panamericana). In the book, it comes as a detached 8 page flyer of 55 x 80 cm. and works also as the book organizer.

Description of Unique Features: A highly interconnected and interdependent domain is mapped from a functional point of view, serving as the reference place from which to understand and study many physiological and clinical concepts and functions. Also interesting are the focus+context "extractions" (as we call them) that opens each section of the book. In each one, the present focus of study is shown with it's most direct related things, even if they are "outside" it. Note: It is important to see the map in context with the book.Due to the overlap, the book works as the pivotal reference to integrate knowledge.

Visual Perception or Design Principles Applied: Grouping (by place, size and color). Analogy. Cognitive Principles or Metaphors Employed: City transport as analogy to connections between functions and concepts. Data Used: Domain knowledge (no "hard" data).

Data Analysis Techniques Applied: None

Spatial Layout Techniques Applied: It was done by hand and eye (more art than science in this case)... sizes and colores were designed to show grouping and convey a sense of relative importance, while allowing the reader to "see" many routes and levels connected but distinctly "followable".

Bases fisiológicas de la práctica médica, Best & Taylor. 13ava edición en español por Dvorkin y Cardinalli (coeditores), Editorial Médica Panamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina