XV.3 Income Disparity

Shing-yun Chiang

This macroscope shows, county by county and state by state, how median household incomes compare. Although Virginia has a median income above the national average, it has the largest difference between high income and low income counties. Do see any trends? If you reorder the states based on the difference between high earning counties and low earning counties, where does Arkansas (AR) fall?

Data presented here is drawn from the American Community Survey, an ongoing annual survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau. It is used for many purposes, including community planning for hospitals, schools, bridges, and new business ventures.

Income Disparity and its companion website can be found at https://shingyun.github.io/income-disparity/.


Chiang, Shing-Yun. 2019. Income Disparity. In “15th Iteration (2019): Macroscopes for Tracking the Flow of Resources.” Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, edited by Katy Börner and Lisel Record. http://scimaps.org.

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