XVI.1 United States Water Crisis

Andrew Levinson

Scrollytelling, a mashup of “scrolling” and “storytelling,” is a web format that uses interaction to tell complicated stories online. United States Water Crisis by Andrew Levinson is a great example of the scrollytelling format.

Multiple data visualizations, drawing on data from a variety of government agencies, expose the severity of the crisis from different perspectives. How much water is used to irrigate farms? How much money do we need to fund infrastructure repairs for drinking water? How full are underground aquifers, which operate like the savings account of our water supply? Use the many kinds of charts and graphs illustrating the story to find answers.

United States Water Crisis can be found at https://the-us-water-crisis-macroscope.netlify.app/.


Levinson, Andrew. 2020. The United States Water Crisis. In “16th Iteration (2020): Macroscopes for Harnessing the Power of Data.” Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, edited by Katy Börner, Lisel Record, and Todd Theriault. http://scimaps.org.

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