Wikipedia Visualizations

This site links to several visualizations created by Bruce Herr, Todd Holloway, and Katy Borner at the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center. See Todd's blog post for some initial information. More information to come.

Originally a 5'x5' poster, this visualization was created for the 2007 Sunbelt Viszards session.
This visualization was created for the 2007 NetSci Visualizing Network Dynamics Competition. It received honorable mention.
This visualization was created for the 3rd iteration of the Places&Spaces exhibit. Todd has a blog post with a little bit of information on what we did for this visualization.
This is an updated visualization using an English Wikipedia dump from Jan. 3rd, 2008. In addition to a new layout, it adds some interactivity, like a bounding box search interface and multiple views. Note these features are alpha quality and will not work on certain platforms/browsers (it seems to work better in firefox).